How to prepare a car for shipping

Posted by Andile Mpala

How to prepare a car for shipping

  1. Maintenance check before shipping

 If you are transporting your operable vehicle, there are a few general car maintenance  tasks that should be completed. By maintaining your vehicle, you are ensuring that it is ready to be driven once you arrive at your new home.

  1. Complete a visual inspection


Once your automobile is clean, walk around the exterior of the vehicle looking for any dents, scratches, discolorations, or paint chips. It was crucial to clean your car before inspection, as dirt, dust, and grime can hide these marks. A visual inspection is essential for noting any existing damage. It is unlikely that your vehicle will become damaged in the shipping process. However, if this were to happen, you would be better prepared to recognize any possible new damage.

  1. Disable anti theft devices and alarms


These devices should be disabled, so that they don’t startle the driver, prevent access into the vehicle or cause any other issues. Although it may seem risky, the people transporting your vehicle need to have unrestricted access in case there is any issue during transportation.

  1. Enrol in a moving insurance policy before the shipment


There will always be situations that are out of your control. If you know your car is going to be on a long route to your new destination, it may be wise to purchase a moving insurance policy. By signing onto a policy, you will have more peace of mind that if anything happens, you’re covered. Speak to the auto mover about what insurance coverage they offer for your vehicle. If the auto mover does not provide insurance, they might work with a third party insurance company.

  1. Make special notes


Note any special issues or mechanical problems with your vehicle. Prepare written handling instructions for the driver beforehand. Although your car will be driven minimally during auto transport, these notes will be important for driving your car on and off the carrier.




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