Tips on how to choose a shipping company

Posted by Andile Mpala

Tips on how to choose a shipping company

  1. Check the company’s registration and licensing


An important factor is to make sure the shipping company is fully compliant with the moving/shipping industry. It is essential to check their registration and licensing and compare with competing companies.

  1. Know what you are shipping


This pertains the type of product being shipped and what company offers services for shipping what type of product. Your shipping company should be able to let the client know the size, shapes and kind of product allowed. Some companies will not ship fragile products, this makes it very important to know your desired product for shipping.

  1. Shipping container options


Think about what container options the shipping company can offer. The type of container that you need will depend on the type of product you are going to ship. There are certain types of containers for each type of product like refrigerated containers for perishable goods, dry cargo containers for the items that can withstand the extremities, and tank containers for all kinds of liquids. Knowing these will help you decide which companies can ship your products.

  1. Cargo tracking tools


With technological advances, cargo tracking tools are available to customers readily. Whether you’re given an online code to see where your ship is in transit or you receive emails updating you on your item’s travels, you’ll want to ask about this tracking option. Some cargo shipping companies may charge an additional fee for this service while others include it in the overall price. Ask lots of questions about the company’s form of tracking.

  1. Check if the price is right


It’s always good to play with numbers, especially when it comes to pricing. Naturally, pricing is one of the factors to consider when choosing a shipping. A careful evaluation has to be done before deciding as it might compromise some stuffs later on.


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