Is it a legitimate company?

Growing up most of us only knew a few freight companies and now with the market increasing for online buying and selling, many businesses and individuals are using freight companies more and more. Some are established, some are upcoming, and some are still yet to come. In as much as some offer lucrative shipping fees. Some are just downright frauds! And unfortunately, some people tend to discover when they have been conned or dupe, both money and parcels vanishing into thin air.

Before you click on that link, first research from the official established website of the freight company. Look for the URL of a company and usually the name and the URL have the same name and spelt correctly. Scam freight companies can copy a legit company name, but the URL link can never be a duplicate. Usually fake fraudulent freight companies tend to offer ridiculous low rates as compared to others and this should make you investigate further.

Fraudulent Freight companies usually call the receiver that their goods have been held up at customs in a foreign country and that they require for the receiver to send some money to clear the goods. If the company is not in the receiver’s country, then before you process any payments investigate. And usually the frauds will also withhold your Bill of Loading receipt that states your proof of contract with that carriage and goods in the carriage. This is a major red flag and investigate before any action you take.

For any freight company research and look at their reviews, Google them and usually they have had an encounter with some people they would have duped or conned and if it is a legitimate company the reviews are normally positive with a few or none negative reviews. Be alert and aware and do not cave in due to the ridiculous shipping fees. Research well before you lose your hard-earned money and wares! Make sure to ask questions, terms and conditions, ask for their numbers, shipping and billing address. And most of all, if something seems a little bit too good to be true, then do some digging to avoid being a victim. Once you have discovered that a Freight Company is Fraudulent then do not withhold information, spread the word with evidence, so that others will not become victims either.

Happy Shipping in Alertness!