Our Sea Freight Services

Our Sea Freight Services

Sea freight, or often referred to as ocean freight, is one of the oldest form of transporting goods between different countries.  Cargo World Link offers a full range of sea freight services for commercial and personal shipments to all major worldwide destinations

With our LCL (less container load) service, you don’t need to have enough cargo to fill a whole container in order to get a beneficial shipping rate, your cargo can share container space as part of consolidated cargo being shipped to the same destination. However if you do require a full container we also offer FCL (full container load) service.  To find out how much you would save either with LCL (less container load) service or the full container complete the quote form on this page and we will give you a free no obligation quote.

Commercial Sea Freight Service

We offer a full array of commercial sea freight services to all major ports worldwide including full UK warehousing.

  • We can offer same same-day or next-day collection
  • We also can offer packaging, palletising and storage services.
  • We can customs clear all cargo before departure.
  • We offer FCL (Full Container Loads) or LCL (Less Container Loads) services with departures every week for most destinations
  • Full destination customs clearance and delivery services
  • Comprehensive marine insurance

Your business might be a first time exporter looking to sell its products in a new foreign markets, or your business is already trading internationally looking for competitive rates  call us or complete the free no obligation quote form at the bottom of the page

Personal Effects via Sea Freight

Our sea freight service for personal shippers ranges from a simple port to port service as well as comprehensive personal and household goods removal service. We also supply packaging; drums, boxes, scotch tape and bubble wrap we also offer crating and palletising services for all personal and household cargo.

For larger shipments containing furniture our professional packing service team is at hand, we can send our removal team to export pack your cargo securely for sea freight, including preparation of an itemised packing list for destination customs.

We offer FCL (Full Container Loads) or LCL (Less Container Loads) services depending on your budget and circumstances. All personal shipments can be fully customs cleared by our local partners overseas and delivered to the final destination. For larger shipments with furniture they will also arrange a full unpacking service and remove all waste packing materials.

Whether you are sending one or two boxes or a full household by sea, give us a call on +44208 0640909 or complete the sea freight quote request form at the bottom of this page.


We offer a regular voyages on a weekly basis  to the following destinations:

Africa: Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town – South Africa, Port Harcourt, Lagos – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Walvis Bay – Namibia, Malawi,  On-Carriage to Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Other Landlocked Destinations

The Caribbean: Jamaica, Granada, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, St Lucia, Guyana

Middle East: UAE, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,

Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

America: USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela & Australia


Our rates for sea freight services are calculated based on the following:

  • Final Destination country and airport
  • Size (length, width and height) as well as weight of your consignment
  • Ocean-Liner freight charges
  • Any additional surcharges
  • Collection Charges depend on size and weight of consignment as well as the pick-up address in UK.


We send freight by sea air using high quality services provided by major ocean-liners and international cargo carriers.

  • The quoted price given to you prior to your booking will usually include all applicable surcharges. We will notify you in case the price quoted changes.
  • Please be aware that our rates exclude any destination charges applicable, including duty and customs clearance charges or agency fees. These will normally be handled by the recipient, unless you have requested us to handle that on your behalf.

Get A Sea Freight Quotation

What type of service do you require a quote for?
Where are you sending cargo to?
How many individually packaged boxes/parcels are you sending
Please provide Length, width and height of each package as well as its weight
If you chose collection above please provide pick-up address
Our Air Freight Services
  • From UK to any major airport in the world
  • Can arrange cargo pick-up and destination delivery
  • Most secure way of moving cargo due to high airport security
  • For time sensitive bulk deliveries
  • Calls us now on +44 020880640909
Our Packaging & Storage Services

Our packaging services offers a wide range of packaging materials; from:

  • boxes, drums
  • pallets
  • tapes
  • bubble wrap
  • pallets
  • stretch film.

Storage Facilities

  • Warehouse space of 14,500 sq ft for storage & warehousing of any type of cargo
  • Bonded facilities
  • Devanning & loading of containers
  • Environmentally controlled warehouse
  • Pick & pack
Our Vehicle Procurement Service
  • We can sourcing vehicle(s) according to your requirements and specification.
  • We offer pre-condition reports and photographs
  • We prepare all export documentation and UK customer clearance
  • We offer loading and securing of the vehicle into a container
  • We are able to arrange shipment to any destination in the world