Our Car Purchase Service

Vehicle Procurement

Cargo World Link will use its industry connections as well as shipping expertise and vast experience to procure a vehicle on your behalf. We can work on a budget and precise vehicle specification.

Once a vehicles has been sourced we will photograph  it to provide evidence of its condition.  Cargo World Link will then deliver the vehicle to the port and provide evidence of delivery. As well as undertake all export preparation including UK customs clearance.

We are able to arrange shipment to any destination in the world

Vehicle Booking Form

Our Air Freight Services
  • From UK to any major airport in the world
  • Can arrange cargo pick-up and destination delivery
  • Most secure way of moving cargo due to high airport security
  • For time sensitive bulk deliveries
  • Calls us now on +44 020880640909
Our Sea Freight Services
  • Part Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Service (FCL)
  • Can arrange collection and destination delivery
  • Budget way to move cargo
  • We can handle household removals and packing
  • Weekly shipment from major UK ports
  • We also offer marine insurance for an extra peace of mind
Our Vehicle Procurement Services
  • Vehicle procurement, working on your budget and specifications
  • Cargo World Link will provide an initial preliminary report as well as photographs
  • All export documentation and UK customer clearance we handle
  • The vehicle will be delivered to the port and proof of delivery will be provided
  • Cargo World Link can arrange shipment to any destination in the world