The effect of the Corona Virus in the UK borders

With the wide spread of the deadly corona virus across the whole globe, the relationship or the interconnection between nations has become something that every one in the world sees as one of the major things that support the spread of the virus from or between the nation. So to avoid the fuelling of the virus spread some measures have been taken by governments to try put a stop to this.

These measures that are taken by the governments have made it hard for a lot of business and sectors in the nations that bring about the operations that bring about revenue to the country.

One of the most affected sector in most nations is the country borders which are the connections and the boundaries between all the nations, to try prevent the virus getting into or out side a country. This has led to the closing of almost all the borders for example On March 16, the Spanish government announced the closing of its land borders, allowing only citizens, residents and others with special circumstances to enter the country. Direct flights from Italy to Spain are banned until March 25, Spain’s health minister announced on March 10. The country’s Imserso Tourism Program, which offers travel opportunities for older adults, was also suspended on March 12.

This simply means that the Spanish – Italy border is not operational that’s giving a hard time to both countries and the customs board working at that border station because this means for that time when not operational nothing will b generated from that border for example no revenue interns of duty paid by goods going in or outside the country and also lot of people employed at that border will not be working.

This can also mean loss of employment to some of the employees and also loss of revenue to the border since they will have to pay people or workers while they are not generating any income.

Corona Virus effect on UK borders

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