With the international health being affected by the world health threat the Covid 19 the world economy has been left paralyzed with almost all sectors which every nation’s economy stands on. The likes of the shipping industry, manufacturing and production industries to the distribution and retailing sectors being termed as some parts of the patterns that the Covid 19 virus uses to move from one place to the other , on nation to another and from one individual to the other.

With these sectors being considered as parts that promotes the spread of the virus and thus putting the lives of many people in danger some governments took a step which is harmful to the economy but helpful to the health of every individual in the world. This is the lock-down of all the business sectors except in the sector which serves human needs only.

With the lock-down closing up and clearing up the streets and also limiting people from making unnecessary journeys and also imposing trade barriers into the selling of some types of goods and allowing only the sale of what is termed as essential goods

Effect of Lock-down on Business

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