What are the things that can delay cargo in shipping?

Shipping cargo means the movement of cargo from one port to another either in shot distances by road mainly or in long distances by Rail , across the oceans by sea and air freight. Since the goods are being moved from one place to another it means that it passes through some areas and places which can be sometimes not friendly and sometimes may cause some inconveniences in the route of the cargo and buy these inconveniences it can mean a delay or disturbances in the shipping of cargo.

Some common disturbances or delays of cargo might come from the following:
1.Weather conditions – say ur cargo is being shipped by sea and there are for seen dangerous storms or other unfavorable weather conditions this will mean your cargo has to wait until it is safe to move along same with other modes of shipping if there is an unfavorable weather condition cargo can be delayed and also Strong wind, tropical storm, which exceeds the standards provided by the loading equipment of the terminal, can cause serious problems at the transshipment complex

2.Transport malfunctions – since machines are used as transporting tools in carrying or transporting cargo they can have sort of some malfunctions on the way for example engine failures in ships this can stop the shipment for some time when the engineering team will be working on fixing the malfunctioning engine, and this will mean a delay in the shipping of cargo.

3.Navigational hazards – these can include various floating objects, for example: floating ice, mines torn from the anchors, fishing nets, barrels, floated trees, etc.

4.Delays from paperwork systems – delays may occur for example in ports when entering another country a lot of checkings are done by the customs and also sometimes they might be queues in borders that can delay the shipment

5.Diversions – diversions may occur in the way for example robbers can divert a shipment to rob it it’s cargo or for other reasons and that can also add to the delay of cargo.

Cargo delays in shipping

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