What happens to your goods when u fail to pay customs duty?

Any product you order which includes customs duty reaches the customs first and then the customs then notifies you to come and collect your goods so in this case if u really want to collect your goods you will have to pay the charged duty for your imported goods or else the goods will remain with the customs.

There is no way one can take possession or claim ownership of the goods unless the required customs duty is paid in full to the customs this means if u don’t pay the customs duty you can’t take the delivered goods from customs.More so the further failure to pay the customs duty for the goods with inn the given time this might mean the loss of the goods to the customs. This gives the customs the right to auction the goods and recover the accumulated expenses that will have occurred in the event of keeping your foods and recover the duty owed and other expenses to other stakeholders.

So this means if you are to import goods one needs to follow and obey the customs regulations so as not to be found in a lot of problems , for example if goods enter the Indian territory without paying customs duty that it self is considered a crime and simple called smuggling and the carrier or owner of the goods if caught will be charged and also be subjected to adjudication proceedings depending on the nature of the goods and the mode of snuggling used .

Smuggling simply means violation of the customs regulations and not paying duty sometimes may raise up a lot of suspicions to your cargo like mostly what will come into people’s minds is not that u are trying to save costs but you are trying to import some illegal cargo and you will be considered as dangerous to the nation and thus your cargo might go under a lot of searches and that will definitely delay your cargo or in some cases leave your cargo prone to damages since there will be a lot of handling of the cargo and also there might be a danger of losing some of the cargo maybe during the searching some of the stuff might drop off and never be recovered