If you’re travelling overseas and exceed your baggage allowance, you will need a cost-effective solution to shipping your excess luggage – World Baggage can provide you with just that! An affordable, convenient, simple service for your excess baggage shipping.

All airlines have strict limits on the free baggage allowance which may accompany a passenger on their flight. This allowance is dependent on the ticket class traveled and where you are travelling to. If you exceed this weight by generally more than 0.5kgs, “excess baggage” charges will apply, and are strictly enforced by the airline.

Excess baggage charges imposed by the airlines are expensive and are typically based on “1% of the full priced economy class airfare” to your destination. These are usually charged per kilogram, with some airlines charging very high charges it is therefore very important for one to be very sure when traveling or caring cargo using shipping methods which have baggage limits one must never carry excess baggage or should carry or be prepared to face the charges or be able to pay for his/her excess baggage.

To cater for or reduce unnecessary spending or to reduce costs t is just wise not to carry excess baggage and it is also important for one to know and understand the cargo regulations of any shipping mode before coming up or selecting the shipping methods so that when ever there are excess baggage charges to be faced one will go prepared for them than to let them to be some sort of a surprise

The best way off running away from excess baggage charges while having excess baggage in your shipment is to look for or select the shipment methods that does not charge much on excess baggage