Whether you are shipping household goods and effects, cars, hazardous or dangerous goods or any type of goods of your choice, you need to be aware of the best time of the year to ship your cargo. The way you choose to transport your goods will also be a big determining factor in when you will decide to ship your cargo.

Just like a normal shopping season, shipping goods via container also has a peak season or better yet peak seasons. This is because shipping, like shopping, is driven by the aspects of supply and demand where sometimes demand may be higher than supply and the availability of containers is also affected by this. Once the availability of containers becomes lower than normal, prices for the containers shoot up so if you want to ship your cargo you may have to pay through your nose to get your goods to your destination.

The peak season for cargo shipment especially via container is usually from the beginning of August right through until October. This is mainly because sometimes there may be retailers who wish to transport cargo from one country to another just in time for holiday sales as Christmas will be just around the corner and the mad rush for Black Friday will beckoning. There is also a Chinese ‘Golden Week’ which is from the first of October and lasts for a week, so retailers try by all means to get their goods in their shops before then as the busy Chinese market has a huge bearing on other markets around the world.

Shopping and retail dynamics have also changed the world over especially in recent years. Many people have now turned to shopping online hence moving away from the traditional bricks and mortar way of selling goods. Some companies are now even offering to ship goods to consumers as an extra service and the convenience of this has meant that there is an increased demand in containers and shipping cargo via container. Shippers also then take advantage of this and the above factors and increase shipping prices and consumers end up without a choice but to pay. It is therefore best to consider shipping your cargo after peak season or before as you will pay less for your container thus saving you a lot of money for other more important things.

Cargo shipping via container

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