What’s the difference between parcel and freight?

Parcel shipments are small, lightweight, individually packaged and labeled, and they typically weigh 75 pounds or less. However, most parcel carriers allow shipments of up to 150 pounds and 165” in length + girth. Freight, on the other hand, is any shipment that weighs more than 150 pounds and is normally boxed, palletized or crated.

Parcel shipment is the shipping of small things that doesn’t occupy a lot of space in the carrier and are of light weight. These need a lot of awareness and care since small things can be lost easily or can just disappear from being dropped or just misplaced for example say one wants to send documents from South Africa to the UK this will be a parcel being sent so thus parcel shipment Parcel shipping refers to small, lightweight and individual shipments typically handled by common carriers. Most parcel shipments are limited to 150 pounds. When using this parcel shipping one should ensure that the parcel delivery service you opt for is certified and recognised. Always ask for certification when you opt for a parcel delivery service to be safe from losing their parcels to untrusted organisations and to be able to trace their parcels when lost.

On the other hand there is some heavy and big in size cargo which needs to be carried by heavy weight carriers for example when one wants to buy a car from the UK , it has to shipped also to get to the customer say the customer is in South Africa, that’s where the freight shipment comes in. Freight is the most common known shipping in big businesses because it deals with mostly larger trading between organization and individuals for example the shipping of cars, industrial equipment for businesses and home appliances and even cars for individuals.

In conclusion, when one wants to ship cargo from or to another place the best shipping method must be selected and the size and type of cargo to be shipped must be greatly considered.

Difference between parcel and freight

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