Container freight is the transportation of goods via a container which is strong enough for shipping, handling and storage. Shipping containers can either be corrugated boxes or reusable steel boxes and can be moved from one place to another without having to unload or reload its contents.

What are the advantages of container freight?
1. It is fast and easy to transport cargo at a low cost – the goods/cargo within the container are shown or documented on the outside of the container so there is no need to constantly open the container when it gets from one place to another an customs issues can therefore be minimized for faster transportation. Packaging costs are also virtually eliminated when transporting cargo via container

2. Cargo will go through little to no damage at all – the contents of a container will be packed and sealed safely in a container so there is little risk of any damage

3. Containers are a flexible and versatile means of transporting cargo – you can either ship large shipments of cargo or small shipments from one place to another and there are very few limits on the size of cargo you can transport. You can transport large shipments which may carry harmful substances such as dangerous chemicals or even smaller shipments like personal goods and household effects

4. You save money on labour costs – once the cargo is packaged and sealed in the container, there will be no need to open it up or do anything until it reaches its destination

5. Container shipping can guarantee safety – cargo transported via container is less likely to go through any theft as compared to other forms of transportation

What are the disadvantages of container freight?
1. Container freight can be costly – there are certain costs that come with using containers including handling fees and handling infrastructures such as cranes and paying for the warehouses where the containers will be stored. When ships have to stay at docks or harbours for long periods of time, you will have to pay extra storage fees

2. There may be delays – sometimes there may be delays at docks or harbours due to issues such as disputes between workers and their employers or strikes in those areas

3. Some shipments may be rejected – containers come in different sizes so if the dimensions of the packages are not standardized to fit well into the container then they may not be allowed to go into the container and transported

4. Loss or theft – sometimes containers can be vandalized as thieves try and forcefully open them and this can also result in damage of other goods contained within the container. Sometimes containers can fall overboard at sea if not secured on barges properly

Why use container freight?

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