Why Some Parcels Get Returned To Original Sender

Ever since the world became an inseparable global village, the rise of trading among nations has become more and more convenient through the use of freight companies, that assist in the delivery of parcels from one point to another. Whether it is from city to city, country to country or continent to continent, companies and individuals that frequently use these services ,have at some point had incidences of the returning of parcels. Most of the times, this becomes an inconvenience to the sender and to the recipient.

In order to avoid such incidences here are things you ought to take note of the following:
1. Illegal products in the parcel – these are products such as explosives, dangerous weapons like firearms, knives, liquids,tobacco, animal horns and etcetera. These are prohibited and going ahead in sending of these will result in the returning of your parcels or investigations on some of the products such as ammunition.

2. Undeclared goods – these are goods that went through the freight company ,however through scanning process, of the recipient country the goods were not declared nor written down on the front side of the parcel of its contents, usually they will return or hold the parcel at customs.

3. Wrong or incomplete recipient address – make sure that you have the right recipient address on the parcel or it will be returned as undeliverable.

4.Your parcel contains Money– Freight companies do not transport money as this can be a federal crimes and can be labelled as illegal transportation of funds. Cash gifts should be done so via the bank , World Remit, Western Union or any other money transfer system.

These are some of the reasons why your parcels get returned so to avoid mishaps and disappointments, kindly do go over the freight company’s legal products that you may send or receive, without having to have any further delays and time wasted. It is imperative to also do your research on insurance covered if some parcels get lost along the way and who will cover the expenses and if they have a return policy. This will also help you in avoiding unnecessary back and forth calla or visits to the freight company.