Ways of shipping expensive cars from overseas

Shipping of cars internationally or from overseas has three mainly used methods of the first two methods will have your car loaded into a ship and carried across the sea on a freight ship and the last one involves the flying of the car overseas in a cargo aircraft thus Roll on, Roll off(RORO), shipping containers and air freight.

RORO is sited as the most cheapest way of shipping cars overseas but obviously this is never the best way of shipping cars especially in this case when we dealing with expensive cars. The reason  being this methods leaves your cars exposed to many dangers for example unfavourable weather conditions

Then there is the most common method off shipping cars which is the use of shipping containers , this method is a bit expensive compared to RORO but provides better safety since your cars will be covered inside metal containers  free from unfavourable weather conditions and mechanical damages and this makes shipping containers the most popular way to go in shipping.

On the other hand since this is the transportation of expensive cars it is most likely that the owner can afford the very best and safest method of transporting cars internationally which is the Air freight methods.  Not considering that the method is costly the air freight method is the best way of transporting expensive cars from overseas

  1. There is very little or no handling of the valuable car , this makes the valuable car very free from mechanical damage
  2. The time or speed at which the cars will reach the destination country is unbeaten thus very fast and takes a few days compared to weeks taken by other modes.

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