Ways of shipping expensive cars from overseas Shipping of cars internationally or from overseas has three mainly used methods of the first two methods will have your car loaded into a ship and...
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How shipping companies operate?

A shipping line is a company or organisation that owns and operates vessels, responsible for the handling and transporting of cargo aboard their ships. They deal with the cargo from point of origin…

Zambian Import Regulations

Customs Regulations Client must be in Zambia at the time shipment arrives but are not required to be present during clearance. Used household goods and personal effects are tax and duty free provided…

Guide To Restricted Items

Cargo World Link  complies with strict transport regulations. We will not carry certain goods and substances.  Please check our guidelines on prohibited goods before you arrange despatch. To comply with strict regulations Cargo World…

Namibian Import Regulations

Documents Required Passport Original Bill of Lading (OBL) / Air Waybill (AWB) Packing list NA 304 (3 copies) 160 (3 copies) Detailed valued inventory in currency of origin country Letter of Application for…