Guide To Importing Into Botswana

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Customs Regulations

  • Client must be in Botswana at the time of Customs clearance. Duty free entry is only permitted 6 months after the date of the Work Permit being issued.
  • The goods must be imported within six months of arrival into Botswana.
  • Pre-clearance is ideal, however new residents may have their goods go into bond until final clearance occurs.

Returning Citizens

  • Must prove they have resided abroad for a 2 year period at minimum, and explain reason for stay abroad.
  • Providing work contracts, letters from employers, rental agreements and bank statements is ideal.
  • Shipments to Botswana must be booked on a through Bill of Lading to terminal Gaborone, Botswana via POE Walvis Bay, Namibia.
  • Ensure that the inland haulage between Walvis and Gaborone is prepaid.

Required Documents

  • Passport – copy, including page with entry date into Botswana
  • Residence Visa & Work Permit
  • Comprehensive Valued Inventory
  • Power of Attorney – giving authority for Destination Agent to arrange customs clearance
  • Letter from Employer –attesting to client’s appointment & length of stay of at least 2 years
  • Form CE 101 – original, in duplicate, to be presented to Department of Customs & Excise

Diplomat Status

  • Foreign diplomats, members of government or international organizations are granted duty free entry of their personal effects and household items.
  • Diplomats may import new furniture

Required Documents

  • Diplomatic Franchise
  • Certificate “A” – obtained from relevant Embassy in Botswana, countersigned by Botswana Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Comprehensive Valued Inventory
  • Power of Attorney – giving authority for Destination Agent to arrange customs clearance

Restricted Dutiable Items

  • Works of Art, Paintings & Antiques – subject to 10% VAT of declared CIF value, invoices
  • New items – subject to 10% VAT of declared CIF value
  • Hunting guns – require a permit or otherwise prohibited
  • Alcohol – 2 litres of wine/spirits or 1 case of beer; incurs 10% VAT of CIF value, must be prepaid before arrival of shipment

Prohibited Items

  • Narcotics/illegal drugs of any kind Updated 27 May 2011 Copyright © 2011 Atlas International
  • Pornography and subversive material in any format
  • Explosives, ammunitions and weapons of any kind
  • Two-way radios, radios, cellular phones & Compact disc players
  • Furs, feathers, skins & tusks of animals coming under the protected species act (CITES)

Importation of Pets

  • The veterinarian at origin must examine the pet at least 16 days prior to departure. Pets are examined upon arrival by a Customs Veterinarian and immediately released if deemed in good health. Quarantine is not required.

Required Documents

  • Certificate of Vaccination – issued and signed by the state of origin, confirming inoculations are valid, and the pet is healthy Health Certificate obtained within 30 days of departure, but less than endorsed by a Veterinarian
  • Import Permit – obtained from Department of Agriculture

Importation of Vehicles

  • A free entry is only permissible if done within 6 months of the date of issue of the Work Permit.
  • Thereafter VAT of 10% applies.
  • Only one vehicle per family is duty free.
  • Subsequent entries are subject to 15% – 20% VAT of CIF Value.
  • The vehicle (cars, motorcycle or moped) will not be sold or otherwise disposed of for 2 years from date of importation.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) at current rate is assessed on the imported value of the vehicle.
  • Foreign diplomats pay no duties or taxes, subject to the provision of Diplomatic clearance certificate, and proof of value.
  • Botswana registration and driver’s license must be changed within 6 months of arrival in the country

Required Documents

  • Certificate of Title and Registration – must show auto has been owned and used for one year
  • Purchase Invoice (or receipt if used) – must show purchase value
  • Police Report – clearing vehicle
  • Vehicle Evaluation – obtained from an accredited auto dealer
  • IC 2 Application – obtained from Destination Agent, submit to Ministry of Commerce along with Registration and proof of ownership
  • Form CE 101 – original, in duplicate, submitted with Import Permit, Residence Permit and
  • Passport to Department of Customs & Excise
  • Import Permit – obtained from Ministry of Commerce