The first thing before one presents his business or products to the market is to work on the image of the company.  This is the way the company image will be delivered to the markets.  The real need for that is because the company image is what the customer will look at first before looking at the services being provided.  The interpretation of the image of the company should be presented in a way that will attract the customer and give the customer all the information that he needs to know about the business or product.

After having a good presentation of the company image, the next thing is to look at the best platforms to post or present an advertisement. Since we are dealing with cars there will be a need to check and the best platforms where potential buyers spend most of their time on for example linked in, twitter, snap chart and more.

On these social media platforms there will be a need to
– Post advertisements regularly
– Share something worthy about the products
– Comment on posts with relevant information
– Publish relevant stories and post about your service
follow influencers
– create ads
– video ads
– image ads
– story ads
– slide show ads
– messenger ads
These ads will be including some information about the everything which can be used to lure customers. To have more customers u will need to participate a lot or active on social media and be active all the time so that say its an advert on Facebook and someone ask some questions or is interested to know more he advertiser must be always there to provide related answers failure to do that the customer will move to another advertiser.

Marketing cars in Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe

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