How to ship expensive jewellery from overseas

Jewellery are very expensive products that need very close monitoring when being transported from one place to the other. Since jewelleries are some expensive stuff, they attract a lot of dangers and disturbances when they are being moved or shipped.

When one wants to ship or transport jewellery one needs to first understand and know all the dangers and risks that are to be faced on the process. Jewelleries attract thieves, fraudsters and many unnecessary inconveniences in the shipping process, so one needs to be extra careful with the product being transported or else losses will occur almost all the time.

One also needs to know the very best mode of transportation or the shipping method to use when transporting such endangered goods. Most known shipping methods from over sea are
– Roll on roll off (RORO) – this the cheapest way of transporting or shipping goods from overseas but leave the goods endangered to a lot of damages and with as little security which leaves the goods open to theft or and damages from handling. This shipping method involves a lot of handling of the goods which makes it very not good for shipping things like jewelleries because it give a room to a lot of damages.
The other shipping method is by shipping containers – in this shipping methods goods are loaded into containers and transported overseas on a ship, this methods heavily protects the goods from mechanical damages since they will be protected by the container this method is good for transporting a lot if goods but it is just not the method to use when transporting jewellery since jewellery stuff is no such big things that can need a container to carried on and with the slowness of the mode of the shipping method which will leave the products exposed to the dangers that can be faced for a long time.
This therefore makes airfreight the very best method of shipping expensive jewellery since its more safe and does not eave the product much exposed to thieves and it is also faster which makes it safer for goods since there wont be exposed to dangers for a long time

Shipping expensive jewellery

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