What are security measures taken by freight companies for their clients?

Security issues in the transport industry are a cause of concern to the freight companies and their clients. Freight companies do not provide all possible solutions to the problems, but it does provide simple, cost-effective and achievable solutions that focus on the possible dangers. If done wisely, these solutions could provide freight companies with a great deal of not only protecting their brand, but also generate increased revenues. Possible issues or problems face freight companies in relation to their clients are.

Organized Crime

Organized crime is increasingly found in industries where there is no or little awareness of, or exposure to, organized crime activities, where gaps in security can be exploited and/or where the penalties for crime are very light to put an end to the criminal behavior. The freight industry presents opportunities for this exploitation by organized crime. Organized crime members have been able to infiltrate companies from within the company or as a contractor or some of the employees.

To reduce these kinds of crimes freight companies, need to incorporate some security companies and some law enforcement agencies; however, to target aviation freight and necessarily road freight as well. While it is acknowledged that many state’s law enforcement services do have a ‘gang crime squad’ to investigate the activities of organized crime gangs, many crimes perpetrated within the transport/logistic industries are often not reported or are overlooked by the police due to the crimes themselves being a lower priority, or there being a lack of avenues of inquiry.

Source security companies who provide the appropriate level of security services associated or aligned with a registered training organization and who have transport industry trained/experienced guards to provide the requisite guarding requirements for transport companies.

In any hire or tender process, Freight companies are encouraged to request references from other transport companies and investigate the incumbent security company to ascertain other evidence of what specialist transport/logistics security services they have provided in the past.

Freight Security Measures

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