What’s the difference between less-than-truckload and truckload?

LTL or Less Than Load

Less-than-truckload shipping or less than load (LTL) is the transportation of relatively small freight. The alternatives to LTL carriers are parcel carriers or full truckload carriers. Parcel carriers usually handle small packages and freight that can be broken down into units less than 150 pounds (68 kg). Full truckload carriers move freight that is loaded into a semi-trailer. Semi-trailers are typically between 26 and 53 feet (7.92 and 16.15 m) and require a substantial amount of freight to make such transportation economical.[

LTL freight is larger than parcel but doesn’t fill an entire trailer. Basically, several smaller shipments are combined to fill a small trailer. Rates are based on space used, weight, freight class, accessorials, and where it’s traveling from and to — and rates are often pre-established. LTL shipments travel in a shipment where there are multiple stops at service centers between the shipper and consignee.

LTL is the most prefered by customers because it’s cost effective and allows for flexibility. With an LTL shipment, you often pay for the amount of space you will use on the truck, not the entire truck. You may also share the remaining space with another company in need of shipping small freight.

LTL freight leaves the cargo exposed to a lot of dangers since it will might be mixed with other goods ,upon dropping off others goods on the way they might be a lot of handling on your cargo which will leave it exposed to mechanical damage and theft.

TL or Truckload

On the other hand Truckload freight is the transportation of freight that does not require the entire space of a truck is also known as less than truckload (LTL) shipping, whereas full truckload (TL) shipments take up the space or weight limit of an entire trailer.

This is mostly the best for special shipments which doesn’t allow a lot of handling and is safe from a lot of inconveniences a since your cargo will be not sharing space with other people’s goods and will be transported direct to one destination without multiple stops on the way

Less Than Truckload and Truckload

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